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Welcome to Galerie Sylvette, an online selection of Lydia Corbett’s art work for sale.

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An exhibition of Lydia’s work at the Pfaelzer Hof Idar-Oberstein in Germany was planned for May 2020 but has to be postponed due the Coronavirus pandemic.  Instead, we have assembled a number of her art works for view and purchase online.

Lydia Corbett’s 2013 solo exhibition ‘Picasso Erinnerungen’ at the Pfaelzer Hof Idar-Oberstein in Germany told the story of Lydia’s early experiences as Picasso’s model and muse Sylvette (she became widely known as ‘the girl with the ponytail’) and her path to becoming recognised as an independent artist in her own right. The exhibition showcased oil paintings and watercolours in Lydia’s trademark naive style, reimagining Picasso’s iconic Sylvette series.

Net proceeds of sales will help to support Pfaelzer Hof Artist Residencies of which Lydia Corbett was one of the first recipients in 2013.